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It is with a conflicted heart that I post the above “cuteness.” Apparently this 17-second video in which a kitten is terrorized by  a strange woman with a high-pitched voice who calls it a “monkey” has garnered some twenty-eight million views on YouTube.  Apropos the complex cheese that is homo sapien, to quote Holly Golightly, “I must say, the mind reels.”  Already, JF’s agent is asking him whether “Randolph’s next book couldn’t just incorporate a little kittiness and a few scenes where the lab detective rolls on his back and is tickled while several important characters coo.”  There is clearly a scourge upon the land.

To counter it, allow me to post the following poem (courtesy poem hunter) by the great Robinson Jeffers who, if he were alive, might have left Tor House and Carmel to find this woman and deliver a bracing lecture about the dignity of animals:

Hurt Hawks

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