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The Westminster Dog Show has taken Manhattan (one victim pictured above) and to quote Miss Holly Golightly, “I must say, the mind reels.”

I am laying low, lest an innocent meander in Central Park finds me dragged into the events downtown (unlikely though this may be barring the introduction of a proficiency in sparerib eating component, a low-grade fever of paranoia is the biggest tool in the thinking dog’s survival kit).  For those interested, The New York Times in an ongoing effort to make the Gray Lady sustainable (alas, the plight of most newspapers today) has exhaustive coverage of the show here.

February 10th, 2009
12:06 pm

Dear Readers:

I come to you contrite and, if I were to allow my canine nature full play, with my tail firmly between my legs.  While it is not in said position at the moment, neither can I coax it into anything more than an anemic wag.

I find myself emerging from more than 40 days in the wilderness having been first ambushed by the holidays and then driven into my cozy corner by the frigid doldrums of January.

I had been faithful to my daily posting for several months (and, by the way, to almost resisting the extra spare ribs thrown my direction by fate and my owner).  If I were one for excuses, I could point to the challenges of assisting my human collaborators with the finishing touches on A Dog At Sea –but enough with the excuses since it is impossible to imagine a Charles Dickens or Anthoy Trollope (both such fearsomely prolific scribblers) being incapable of a daily post and the finishing of a novel.  After all, it was Trollope who scrolled out a solid 30 to 45 pages in a morning before heading off to work at the Post Office where among other things he invented the Post Box.

Again, I return contrite, with the aim of weighing in thrice-weekly, and also with some news.

First, a thank you to Rhapsody in Books who has cited both my books and this blog (and in doing so helped nudge me out of my corner to face February).   Here is that link It is a most worthy website.

Second, apparently February is “Dog Month” in New York City with events like light suppers in honor of dogs and their owners and, of course, the Westminster Kennel Club Annual Dog Show.  Here is that article.  Needless to say, I will be avoiding these events like the plague.

Third, J.F. Englert was recently interviewed by Milan-based, Italian national magazine, L’Espresso about Yours Truly and the books.  In honor of this occasion (and Italy’s enthusiastic embrace of my misadventures), I paste above the Italian cover for A Dog Among Diplomats.  Forgive my vanity, but I think I look smashing attired by the Italians.

Molte grazie, Grazie tanto, Grazie infinite,



February 4th, 2009
3:13 pm