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Today The New York Times has this on offer about a pet psychic in Brooklyn who ministers to the fortunate (or unfortunate) charges of celebrities:

Here is a telling excerpt: ““Animals don’t really have the ability to tell their people what’s going on,” said Ms. Agro, a young-looking 42 (which she attributes to diligent managing of her energy, just as others attribute that good fortune to smart managing of their diets). “This is a way for them to have someone advocate for them.” Part medium, part mediator, she began doing readings that gave voice to the needs of the Weber family’s dogs. Kindly don’t throw us in the car without telling us where we’re going, an irritated golden retriever named Palomino requested through Ms. Agro. Skye is such a big baby, vented a pup named True about a rival.” 



January 21st, 2008
10:06 am

  Dulcie for blog.jpg

Please allow me to introduce Dulcie the Dachshund (pictured above) recently of London, England now of New York.  As mentioned in this space a few months ago, Dulcie was named Best in Park at this fall’s Country Fair in Central Park and as a result won the right to be immortalized in A Dog Among Diplomats in a cameo appearance.  Welcome, Dulcie.          






January 11th, 2008
10:42 am


new year -randolph.JPG

A happy 2008 to all my fellow thinkers and reflective readers.  As you can see from the photo above of my stand-in, the holiday social/dog circuit in Manhattan has been exhausting.  Some invigorating news has come our way though: A Dog About Town, the book, has been nominated for the fiction award from DWAA (Dog Writers Association of America —  Also, as far as Yours Truly’s 2008 is concerned, I have already seen my hasty resolution to exercise die a quick and merciful death.  The long, contemplative walk with witty asides will be the pace for 2008 –not the pell mell dash after ball or Frisbee.  This is sensible, because I will need to keep my energy for a renewed commitment to these pages (3 posts per week) and you.  J.F. Englert has advised me that the copy edits for A Dog Among Diplomats are nearly done.  Well done on that tedious work, J.F. (my paws are ill-suited for that task).  In this second book I find myself at the United Nations in search of a murderer and a chocolate-glazed, cream-filled donut.  There will also be the German, Italian and Japanese launches for A Dog About Town to keep my strength for –and the hopes that more of my American countrymen, women and dogs discover my work despite Janet Evanovich’s basic monopoly of the “E” section under which our books are presumably to be found in the bookstore. But onwards we go.  All the best for this New Year.  Yours in Thoughtful Optimism,  Randolph 







January 2nd, 2008
10:47 am